Company Overview


DA DAN was founded in1969, and ISO 9001 certified sand casting and machining company in Taiwan.

Our business is divided into three categories listed as follow: auto parts, machine parts, and hardware components, including Gray cast iron, Ductile cast iron, ADI cast iron, High cast alloy iron, and etc. Since 2011, we have been using automatic equipment: DISA MATCH 130 moulding machine and automatic grinding machine. In 2015, we set up a machining department.  We hope to provide our customers with high-qulity and competitive castings.


Based on the foundation of mutual trust and benefit, Da Dan has been built up a long term of partnership with clients through years. Besides, we insist on being honest to clients with excellent quality and service, performance management, and reasonable principal. Furthermore, the vital purpose of our company is continually to intensify manufacturing techniques with new equipments and to provide excellent quality. Customer satisfaction is what we always aim for. DA DAN and our client are able to get the best reputation as a leader in Foundry industry due to our excellent product quality.


Company History


1983          Established DA TIE Enterprise Co., Ltd.

1989           Changed Company Name To " DA DAN FOUNDRY CO., Ltd."

1995           Added to Set Half Tons High Frequency Induction Furnace - One Sets Began to Manufacture Product of Ductile Cast Iron

2000           Moved To Wu Feng Factory Added to Set 1 Ton High Frequency Induction Furnace- One Set

2001            Nomura Corp. of Taiwan Bestowed “NCT The pledge friendship will be forever sincere” Medal

2003           Added to Set 3 Tons Green Sand Mixer Equipment-One Set

2003           Ho Da Industry Co., Ltd. Bestowed “2003 Merit Delivery Company of Executive Ability”

2005           Built Up a New Model Warehouse in 1320 Square Meters

2006           Added to Purchase Switzerland QA Equipment Thermo ARL Spectrometer

2006            Taiwan Foundry Society bestowed "Split-Type Cylinder Head" The Best Foundry

                    Product and Technical Prizes

2007            Extended to Build Factory to 6930 Square Meters

2008            Taiwan Foundry Society Bestowed “Cylinder Head” The Best Foundry Product and Technical Prizes

2011            Added to Set DISA Match 130 Moulding Machine

2012            Added to Set Barinde Series

2014            Added to Set Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

2014          Approved as an ISO9001:2008 Certified Organization

2015          Added to Set DAHLIH Horizontal Machining Center, Vertica Machining Center and TOSHIBA Milling and Boring Machine

2017         Approved as an ISO9001:2015 Certified Organization

2017         Added to Set Circular Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine